We will send out the prize as soon as possible!

Good news:
1.Competition bonuses will be distributed to the accounts of the Top3 winners on August 18th !
(If there is any objection, you can contact

2.Rlaarlo Anniversary Edition Buggy will be awarded to the top 10 on August 31st

3.Rlaarlo T-shirts will be sent to all entrants on August 31st.


In addition, We would like to invite all contestants to write an article about the Rlaarlo speed run experience:
Articles about how to modifying Rlaarlo cars,
Happy/sad things in the game
Meet new friends, etc. You can share them with us!
We will leave your article on our official website to let more RC fans know the joy of modding!
(Please send it to before August 31)
More details in Rlaarlo Website!


    - 2000 USD

    - Rlaarlo 2022 Car Collection

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Anniversary Edition Buggy

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Merch


    - 1000 USD

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Anniversary Edition Buggy

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Merch


    - 500 USD

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Anniversary Edition Buggy

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Merch

  • TOP 4 - 30

    TOP 4 - 10

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Anniversary Edition Buggy

    TOP 11 - 30

    - 1 x Rlaarlo Merch


First Qualifying

00:00 Jul. 23rd - 24:00 Jul. 29th

- Participants with a speed result of more than 100 KPH enter the next round -

Second Qualifying

12:00 Jul. 30th - 24:00 Aug. 5th

- Top 10 speed runners enter the final round -

Final Round

12:00 Aug. 6th - 24:00 Aug. 14th

- Top 3 Winners will be announced at 12:00 Aug. 15th -


    1. You will be qualified for the challenge on the condition that you have filled in the registration form and get approved by Rlaarlo via E-mail.

    2. You're allowed to upgrade and mod your Rlaarlo car for many times in the way you like. However, the BODY SHELL and the CHASSIS should be original from Rlaarlo, Amoril, Croboll. Plus, battery must be put inside the car.

    3. You are required to test the speed with a GPS. Specific video shooting rules will be revealed later.

    4. You're required to share your speed run video before deadline to one of the following platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and Tag @Rlaarlo.

    5. And, you are required to submit your video link on social media to a specific form before deadline of each round.

    6. Specifications of the ESC, MOTOR, BATTERY are required in the video form too.


    1. Your GPS must be reset before the pass and shown on video. The video must be continuous without editing or cutting.
    2. After the pass, the body should be removed from the car to show the general set-up such as cell count, balance lead, motor and ESC. The final GPS speed should also be shown.
    3. The car should come to a controlled stop in one piece and function as normal at the end of the run. The car must be powered by the tires only and remain on the ground at all times.
    4. During each round, you are allowed to have 3 attempts, which means you can upload a new speed run video and submit it to our form before the deadline.
    5. Please drive safe. We will not be held liable for any incidents as the vehicle is solely in the driver's control.

    6. No downhill speed runs!


    1. All the schedules and events happen in Beijing Time.

    2. The daily ranks and results will be revealed at 12:00pm on the next day on our website.

    3. If you are qualified for the event, you will receive an email with detailed instructions.

*Rlaarlo reserves the rights to explain and modify all rules and regulations to keep the competition fair.