2024 Rlaarlo Global Dealer Recruitment

In order to provide better products and services for all Rlaarlo fans, Rlaarlo has decided to start recruiting global dealers in 2024, expanding Rlaarlo to more regions, achieving 48-hour delivery of accessories, and enabling everyone to have a faster and closer understanding of Rlaarlo brand. We are a new brand in the RC racing industry and will gradually launch more scale models in 2024! The global dealer recruitment is now in full swing...


If you'd like to become our partner, join our team! As an Rlaarlo dealer, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  • High cost performance ratio and abundant product line

We will provide high cost performance ratio products and rich product lines to our dealers. For first-time cooperating dealers, we will offer considerable preferential policies.

  • Abundantparts and accessories in stock

We are equipped with abundant parts and accessories, and sufficient inventory for each model, which can realize the service of delivery within 48 hours after the payment is received, which can help you replenish the inventory of parts and accessories in time

  • Oline promotion support and event sources sponsorship

Once you become our distributor, we will announce and promote the partnership on our official social media accounts, and showcase your store information on our website. Additionally, we will provide absolute cooperation to help explore the local market. If you are hosting a local Rlaarlo RC events, we will also provide material support such as event banners, promotional clothing, etc, or event charges sponsorship .

  • Photos and video share

We will provide high-quality photos and videos of Rlaarlo RC products.

  • Sales territory protection

We will divide sales territories in various countries and regions to ensure the economic interests of distributors in their respective regions.


    We need you as follows:

    • Possess the ability and experience to sell RC products

    • Have a certain level of business stability and good financial status

    • Actively promote Rlaarlo in your local

    • Willing to establish a long-term partnership with us and have a good customer service awareness and professional after-sales service

    • Accept supervision of Rlaarlo.


    If you meet the above criteria and are interested in becoming our dealer, please feel free to contact us by below contact information. We look forward to collaborating with you!


    Helen Lee - sale representative

    Email: business@rlaarlo.com

    WhatsApp: +86 181 2885 0181


    Edison Rao - manager

    Email: edison@rlaarlo.com

    WhatsApp: +63 977 235 1499


    Or fill in the below form and submit to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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