Brand Story of Rlaarlo

  • As far as I can remember, the best parts of my childhood seem always involving mini 4WD toy cars. Then I developed a radio-controlled car driving hobby. IT’S FUN & EXCITING. The more you play and learn, the more you are in love with RC cars. 

    However, large-scale RC cars are unreachable both in price and ease of use. When the idea of small-scale RC vehicles come to me, I wanted to design an RC car that is beginner-friendly, but also achieves high performance, speed and durability at a good price.

  • By developing this product, we aim to open the RC world to all people regardless of their age, gender, knowledge and skills.

    We decided that Rlaarlo RC cars would be affordable small-scale products which bring so much racing fun to your life.

    - Edison Rao, Co-founder

About Our Team

Rlaarlo has a team of skilled workers, technical know-how as well as innovators that understand the importance of quality, speed and value. 

And to strive for perfection, we constantly invest in research and development and secure our intellectual property assets.

  • We have set up our own factory to ensure a production process that is dedicated, efficient and scrupulous. And your Rlaarlo has undergone lengthy tests before coming to the market.

  • Rlaarlo players also help shape our business. We interact closely with RC customers and hobbyists for feedback and fun ideas. Come join the Rlaarlo community, you are always welcome! 

  • Here our journey has just begun. Grow with us and Rlaarlo into the world of RC devices.