Chinese New Year Suspension of Shipment Notice

Hi, friends.

Thank you very much for being with us for the past a year. We will be entering the Chinese New Year holiday soon.

Due to the following two reasons, our web shop delivery services will be temporarily suspended duringthe Chinese New Year holidays.

  1. Many factories have already started the holiday, and most factories are preparing to enter the holiday
  2. Our international express delivery will stop soon

The following are the suspended shipping times for all products in our line of business, as well as our holiday schedules.

For order submitted on or before January 13 , 2023 , we will ship the product before January 15 , 2023

You can still continue to submit the order after January 14 , 2023 However,shipments will only be made after January 28 , 2023 when our office resumesBusiness

PS: If you currently have an RC Car or part that you need to order, please submit your order in a timely manner.

Chinese New Year

Here are answers to questions you may have

Can I order RC Cars and parts while delivery is suspended?

Of course, our website does not stop taking orders during the shutdown. However, your order will be shipped out after the shipping time is resumed.

If I place an order during a shipping suspension, will it be shipped after the holidays are over?

Your shipment will be responded to after the delivery time is resumed. Although we are on vacation, we will still process order information and after-sales information.

If my order needs after-sales service during this holiday time, will there be any response?

Of course, although we are on holiday, we will still process any order information and after-sales information. But our response speed will be slow, hope to get your understanding.