Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Servo Horn

Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Servo Horn

Welcome to the Rlaarlo Engineering Workshop!

Upgrading your RC car can be daunting, but don't fret! With some know-how, anyone can unleash its full potential.

Let Rlaarlo open the doors to the world of remote-controlled car modifications for you!

Today we will show you how to replace the servo horn of the Omni Terminator and the upgraded servo mount accessories.

Tools and Parts Needed:

Remove the Servo Mount:

  • Use a 1.5mm hex driver to remove the two screws holding the servo mount to the chassis.
  • Take out the servo and mount, then disconnect the steering rod.

Detach the Servo:

  • Use the 1.5mm hex driver to remove the screws securing the servo to the mount, then remove the servo.

Attach the Servo to the Mount:

  • Align the servo mount holes with the servo holes and tighten the screws. Be careful not to overtighten.

Install the Servo Mount:

  • Align the servo mount holes with the chassis holes and install the screws.

Attach and Center the Servo Horn:

  • Attach the metal servo horn and power on the RC car.
  • Wait for the servo to center, then align the servo horn as required and tighten the screw.
  • Insert the hex driver tip into the hole on the side panel, then insert the screw and tighten it to the servo horn.


We'll keep adding more tutorial, so stay tuned for updates!

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