Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Central Differential Replacement

Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Central Differential Replacement

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Today, we will show you how to install the upgraded central differential kit and other transmission upgrade parts for the Omni Terminator RC car.


Tools and Parts Needed:


Replacing your Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Central Differential Kit  the following steps to be performed:

Open the Receiver Box

  1. Open the receiver box cover.
  2. Disconnect all receiver wires from each channel.
  3. Remove the receiver box.

Clear Obstructions

Unplug all power wires on the chassis braces to ensure there are no obstructions during the installation.

Remove the Servo and Receiver Box

  1. Unscrew the screws securing the servo mount.
  2. Remove the receiver box and servo from the chassis.

Remove the Chassis Braces

  1. Unscrew the screws securing the carbon fiber chassis braces on both sides.
  2. Remove the chassis braces.

Remove the Central Differential

  1. Unscrew the four screws on the housing securing the central differential.
  2. Lift out the central differential and drive shaft.

Remove the Motor Mount

  1. Unscrew the three screws securing the motor mount on the chassis plate.
  2. Remove the motor mount from the chassis.

Separate the Drive Shaft and Differential

  1. Lift up the central differential and drive shaft.
  2. Push hard to separate them and then pull apart.
  3. Remove the central driveshaft and central differential.

Replace the Out Drive Cups

  1. Loosen the set screws securing the front and rear out drive cups.
  2. Remove the old out drive cups.
  3. Apply a small amount of thread lock to the set screws of the upgrade out drive cups.
  4. Reinstall the upgraded out drive cups, ensuring the set screws align with the flat part of the drive shaft.
  5. Use tweezers to fit the upgraded out drive cups onto the drive shaft and tighten the set screws.

Install the Central Differential

  1. Choose the type of central differential you'd like to install.
  2. Place the central drive shaft and central differential into the chassis.
  3. Push to both sides and align the drive shaft ends into the out drive cups.

Reassemble the Components

  1. Ensure there are no issues with rotation.
  2. Re-install the motor mount and tighten the fixing screws.
  3. Re-fit the central differential housing and secure it with screws.
  4. Install the carbon fiber chassis braces and mounts, then tighten the screws.

Reinstall the Servo and Receiver Box

  1. Install the servo and receiver box parts back into the chassis.
  2. Re-attach the steering link.

Adjust the Gear Mesh

If a different tooth spur gear is used, adjust the sliding motor mount to reset the gear mesh.

Reconnect the Wiring

  1. Tighten all screws.
  2. Re-install the wiring.
  3. Reconnect the receiver cables.


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