Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Differential Replacement

Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator Upgrades——Differential Replacement


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Today we're going to learn how to upgrade the differential on your Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator

Tools and Parts Needed:



Replacing your Rlaarlo Omni-Terminator differential requires the following steps to be performed

  1. Remove the Bumper
  • Unscrew the four screws securing the bumper.
  • Carefully remove the bumper from the vehicle.
  1. Remove the Sway Bar
  • Unscrew the four screws fixing the sway bar in place.
  • Remove the sway bar.
  1. Remove the Differential Case
  • Unscrew the four screws from the differential case.
  • Remove the differential case to expose the differential inside.
  1. Extract the Differential
  • Using needle-nose pliers, gently pull out the differential from its housing.
  1. Remove the Output Gear
  • Locate and remove the grub screw securing the diff output gear.
  • Pull out the output gear, being careful not to lose the shim.
  1. Install the New Output Gear
  • Align the flat side of the gear shaft with the grub screw before tightening it.
  1. Align and Insert the Drive Shaft
  • Lift the central drive shaft, align it, and insert the outdrive gear shaft into the drive cup.
  • Tighten the grub screw to secure it.
  1. Install the New Differential
  • Place the new assembled differential into the housing, ensuring the dog bone fits correctly into the drive cup.
  1. Apply Grease
  • Apply grease to the gear, rotating it to evenly distribute the lubricant.
  1. Reassemble the Differential Case
  • Re-install the differential case and secure it with the screws.
  1. Reattach the Sway Bar
  • Re-fit the sway bar and secure it with the previously removed screws.
  1. Reattach the Bumper
  • Re-attach the bumper and secure it with the screws to complete the assembly.

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