RC Crawler MK-07——Transmitters

RC Crawler MK-07——Transmitters

We need to understand the significance of channels on the receiver and transmitter.

The remote control system is essentially the heart of your RC car.

Understanding the functions of the receiver is crucial to optimizing your RC car's capabilities.

Today, we'll introduce the usage of the MK-07 transmitter.
  • Differential, Drive Modes, Switchgear, Lightin

Here are the keys for each:

  • The A key on the transmitter corresponds to the fifth receiver channel, controlling the front axle differential lock.
  • The C key corresponds to the sixth receiver channel, controlling the rear axle differential lock.
  • The SWB key corresponds to the eighth channel, allowing control of the vehicle's front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive switching.
  • The SWA key corresponds to the seventh receiver channel, which is the gear switch. It allows for switching between high and low speed gear of the vehicle.
  • The B key corresponds to the third receiver channel, controlling the light system. It can cycle through different light modes.
  • Upon turning the steering wheel to the right twice quickly, the vehicle will enter hazard light mode. Turning the steering wheel to the right twice again will turn off the hazard light mode.
  • Pressing the B key on the transmitter twice quickly will activate the alternating flashing high beam headlights.

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