2023 Speed Run Challenge Registration List

2023 Speed Run Challenge Registration List

To all RC enthusiasts out there, the 2023 Speed Run Challenge has launched for a while, now a total of more than 300 people have signed up! While registration has ended on 6.15th, you still can use your order number to complete your registration through the following link. 

👉Speed Run Challenge: https://forms.gle/RYFuKxyhFpS4y7eu9

Here is part of the registration list because of the limited space. If you are not on the list and have not received an email yet, please contact us for confirmation.The Speed Run Challenge is more than just a race. It's an opportunity to demonstrate technical creativity, challenge your skills, and connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. So, gear up, stay focused, and get ready to experience the thrill of competition with the RC community together!

Country  Name Country  Name Country  Name
US Al Carlino US Joshus Hinefelt Canada Aaron Thibault
US Alfonso Carlino US Keith Weatherby Canada Brandi Gulliford
US Angelo Watts US Kenny Alexander Canada Dan Galbiati
US Boris Basnuevo US Kevin Erdmann Canada Ed Lee
US Brett Simmons US Kevin Marino Canada J.T. Balfour
US Brian Foreman US Liberty Francis Canada Nick Meyer
US Brian Funk US Jared Stephenson England Ben Parr
US Connor Matthes US Jason Kilmartin England Jonathan Wright
US Darin Pashaie US Jay Kidwell England Martyn Wright
US Donald Wagner US Jerold Kunzman China Matt Ludford
US Donnie Matturro US John Goodwin Germany Oliver Schneider
US Erik Trujillo US John Mitchell Malta John Robinson
US Max R Corbett US John Morgan Puerto Rico Efrain
US Michael Koebbe US Glenn Davis Puerto Rico Melvin Vega
US Michael Lee US Greg Dyson Finland Aleksi Johansson
US Michael West US Greg Fletcher Ireland Jason Hardy
US Mike Stallone US Hayward Adams Netherlands Marko Sajlovic
US Nechan Grizzle US Jared McDougal Republic of South Korea Hakhyun Kim
US Radlee Plott US Josh Kaye-Carr The United Arab Emirates Ala Khaleel
US Rc’s Guru US Joshua France David Sarrazin
US Gh US Gary Alexander Israel Benj Stern
US Marty Clinton US Matthew Philippines Michael Robert A. Campis
US John Patton US Matthew Simm Singapore Malim
US Josh Austria Markus Kern
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