Rlaarlo 2023 RC Competition

Rlaarlo 2023 RC Competition

Dates and rules for this event

We expect to announce the detailed rules in April, and the official competition will kick off in May.

Exciting loot for this event

If someone think that RC hobby can't bring you something of value, show them what you can get form it with this event!

The $20,000 prize pool sounds really exciting, so here's what you need to get ready if you want to win it.

Not just speed

Speed is the criterion for judging grades, but for this event, speed is not the only criterion. 

It is as eye-catching as the RC car that is handled sensitively or painted perfectly.

The variety of RC events is enough to set off some storms.

But in order to ensure that the starting line of the participants is the same, the participants must have an AK917 as an entry ticket for the event.

It is worth mentioning that this event does not impose any restrictions on the version of the AK-917, you can even choose the roller version of the AK-917, as long as you have the confidence to modify it into a star on the track.

Anyway, look forward to the confrontation in May!

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Can’t wait just waiting on the car to come

Hayward Adams

is this competition worldwide? or is it only limited to those in the US

wilfred wong

Got my car paid for just waiting for the delivery,should be around the 15th to the e d of April..

John jeffries

You know I am in let’s go can’t wait to see this thing

Black Sheep RC Kenny Alexander

Super belle machine

Pascal lalonde

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