Reveal the secret of AK917's high speed

Reveal the secret of AK917's high speed

After the product page about the AK-917 was released yesterday, we heard some questioning voices --"Can it really reach the speed of 200 kilometers per hour?" "That's pretty expensive for a company making their first 1/10 on-road!”

Obviously, some RC enthusiasts are skeptical about the performance of the AK-917. After all, the price of buying an RC car is not as cheap as buying a cup of coffee.

For Rlaarlo, AK-917 is of great significance—it is the first 1:10 scale RC car developed and produced by Rlaarlo team independently, and it is also the first on-road car under the Rlaarlo brand.

However, on-road cars are different from off-road cars. When an on-road car is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is how fast it can be driven on the street.

Now, I will reveal the secret of the high speed of AK-917 for you.

Secret 1 - Differential gears beyond the traditional 1:10 ratio

The module of the gear is the unit to measure the gear spacing. The larger the module, the greater the spacing between gears.

We set the modulus of motor gear and spur gear as standard 0.53. When designing the differential gear, Rlaarlo's engineers increased the modulus of the differential gear of AK-917 to 1.0 - the standard modulus of the differential gear of a 1:8 scale RC vehicle, taking into account its speed at high speed! This change has greatly improved the stability and safety of AK-917 at high speed. This is why the volume of the differential gearbox of AK-917 is larger than that of ordinary 1:10RC vehicles.


Secret 2 - ESC with multiple modes

ESC is an important link in determining speed. Within the range that the motor can bear, the peak value of the electric regulator output determines the peak value of the motor speed, which also determines the vehicle speed.

The carbon fiber brushless version of AK-917 can support 4s battery with a maximum burst current of 120A. It is suitable for a variety of vehicle brushless motors, with built-in undervoltage, overvoltage, over-temperature, locked-rotor, overload and other protection mechanisms, and has strong compatibility and safety.

Not only that, AK917 adopts a new algorithm of ESC, which can switch between two modes without a programming card: race mode and violence mode, and can provide all kinds of operating feel required by the driver.

Secret 3 - Upgraded motor helps improve speed

Some customers will have this question: the original AK-917 motor supports up to 3s battery, so how can I run out of the maximum speed of AK-917?

The answer is that the carbon fiber brushless version of the original electric regulator is equipped with the newly launched F3650 upgrade motor.

The F3650 upgraded motor launched this time is a highlight of all the upgraded accessories of AK-917, and is also the first power system upgrade accessory launched by Rlaarlo.

The F3650 upgraded motor can support 4s battery. With the correct deceleration ruler and motor teeth, the AK-917 will become a road monster with a speed of up to 200km/h!

Secret 4 - Tire layered with carbon fiber cloth for speed

Before the official release of AK-917, the topic of tire material raised some storms. Some people said, "The rubber tire will expand at high speed. This may be a car with a top speed of 50 miles per hour."

I understand what these people think, because the wheels that Rlaarlo has introduced in the past are almost made of rubber.

This time, however, it is completely different. The carbon fiber brushless version of AK917 is equipped with high-strength carbon fiber cloth tires, which are enough to support the AK-917 at a speed of 200 km/h.

The carbon fiber cloth tire is also sold separately as an upgraded accessory of AK-917. The owner who chooses to buy it must be a driver who pursues extreme speed!

In short, from external configuration to electronic system, every accessory of AK-917 is prepared for speed.

Please remember that the development of AK-917 took one year and two months, which is definitely worthy of its price!

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Hello. What is the top speed on the stock 2s?


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