Elements of AK-917's perfect appearance

Elements of AK-917's perfect appearance

This article will let you know the appearance differences of different versions of AK-917 and how to choose the upgrade accessories.

Element 1: Cool lighting system

There are two lighting system packages that can be purchased separately:

  1. The first is a light package with constant light mode;
  2. The second is a light package with mixed control mode.

AK-917 is the first RC car with lighting system launched by Rlaarlo. For different versions of AK-917, the original lighting system also has some differences:

  1. If you purchase the AK-917 of the roller version, there will be no lighting system attached. You can choose any lighting package for modification.
  2. If you purchase the metal brushed or metal brushless version of AK-917, it will be equipped with a constant light mode light set (including headlights and tail lights). You can also purchase a hybrid control mode light package for modification.
  3. If you buy a carbon fiber brushless version of AK-917, it will be equipped with a lamp set in hybrid control mode (including headlights, steering lights, brake lights and flashback light).

What is a flashback light?

When you press the accelerator, the backfire light will flash twice, and when you increase the accelerator to 60%, the backfire light will flash four times. This is enough to make your car the most eye-catching car on the track!

The carbon fiber brushless version comes from the factory with a top-equipped version of the lighting system, which can be manually controlled. This is one of the reasons why the pre-sale price of the carbon fiber brushless version is 100 dollars higher than that of the metal brushless version.

Element 2: Tires with multiple options

Do you still regret not getting the gold wheel hub of X12? Besides the golden wheel hub, will the red wheel hub attract you more? If this is not enough, what about green or orange?

This time, we have launched two shapes and five colors of aluminum alloy wheel hubs, which means there are 10 kinds of aluminum alloy wheel hubs to choose from!

The five colors are black, gold, red, green and orange;

In addition to the wheel hub, we also introduced two kinds of wheel skins to choose from: rubber wheel skins and carbon fiber cloth wheel skins.

To support the speed of 200km/h, you must prepare carbon fiber cloth tires!

The metal version of AK917 is equipped with wheels made of nylon plastic black original wheel hubs and rubber wheel skins. You can also buy your favorite aluminum alloy wheel hubs and carbon fiber cloth wheel skins for modification.

The carbon fiber version of AK-917 is equipped with wheels made of aluminum alloy black original wheel hub and carbon fiber cloth wheel skin. You can buy another wheel hub you like for modification.

Element 3: Colorless shell and sticker for personalization

Are you still struggling about which color to choose? I have to admit that these two color schemes are excellent.

Let's take a look at the colorless car shell launched this time. You can paint your favorite patterns on the car at will, making your AK-917 your unique RC car! The colorless car shell is made of PC material and has the characteristics of impact resistance, compression resistance and high temperature resistance, which can reduce the damage of the vehicle in the event of impact.

Are there any numbers that are important in your life? It may be a serial number or a date.

If you buy the blue AK-917 (regardless of version), you will get a sticker with numbers. You can paste the number you like on the car body and give it some special meaning.

It is worth mentioning that Rlaarlo will hold a series of grand RC events this year, including the AK-917 appearance modification competition. This event is related to the lighting system, wheel and shell modeling.

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I’m in the process of modifying my AK917 . Putting a GT body on it. Magnetically attached, no holes and lighting system. Still waiting on a few parts.

Ray Dickson

I have two AK-917 carbon fiber models and I really love the gold wheels and I will probably have to get a set for each with tires.

Scott Bronson

when will orders ship on ak917 just asking. Thank you

john rebel

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