Rlaarlo AM-X12 TimeLine

Rlaarlo AM-X12 TimeLine

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About delivery of AM-X12: We will start delivery on December 1st at the latest.

We will update everything about AM-X12, welcome to leave a message below.

We plan to create a forum if you think this works better

Nov 22nd

Run That RC:RLAARLO AM-X12 4X4 Brushless Buggy and Channel Update.

Nov 21st

German RC Playground: Der Rlaarlo AM-X12 1/12 Brushless Buggy

Nov 21st

Update: prevents the screw holes of the guard from rubbing against the screws.

1. We added two 2mm limit shafts on the battery tray, so that the battery can no longer be screwed by the flat head screws on the drive shaft. 2. We added a 3mm foam pad at the bottom of the battery tray, which not only prevents the screw holes of the guard from rubbing against the screws. No more battery rubbing/piercing.

Nov 20th

JayTee RC: Rlaarlo AM-X12 12th Scale Buggy 2s & 3s Box Stock Speed Test

Nov 19th

UAE RC ADDICTS : BEST BUGGY RLAARLO AM-X12 Unboxing and Sand Dunes Run

Nov 19th

Exocaged RC: AM-X12 1/12 Scale RLAARLO 4wd Race buggy FIRST DRIVE

Nov 18th

Razor RC: Rlaarlo AM-X12 1:12 Buggy Full Review - Best mini RC car buggy?

Nov 18th

RC Guy Garage : NEW RELEASE from Rlaarlo AM X12

Nov 17th

Bars&tone RC:New RLAARLO AX12 Unboxing. Link in Description where you can get one!

Nov 17th

Exocaged RC:AM-X12 1/12 Scale RLAARLO 4wd Race buggy FIRST DRIVE

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I feel like I did when I was 7 on Christmas Eve.. so where can I find batteries 2s and 3s to fit this beautiful machine?


I can’t wait to get a tracking number! I’ve been patiently waiting since I ordered mine 3 weeks ago and I’m now getting anxious…


So close now. I can’t wait to get mine!


Have yall started sending some out I ordered both versions hoping yall started early instead of dec 1st cant wait see what these things are about in person


will there be any aftermarket gearing options? outside of the ones included in the box?

Andrew Naylor

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