2024 Omni-terminator2024 Omni-terminator
central differential structure
Geometric Structural Design
Dual Specification Battery Compartment Design
Quick assembly
Double A-arm reinforced with carbon fiber
CNC 7075Shock absorber mount
Signature Easy-Access Modular Design
Metal Spur Gear&Spiral Cone Drive Pinions
One-click flipping without needing to pick up the car
Measure the world with my wheels

A Paragraph For Enthusiasts

As we enter 2024, Rlaarlo promises to bring an exciting journey full of breakthrough progress to all enthusiasts.

Rlaarlo encourages all enthusiasts to participate in this process, embrace new ideas, and enjoy the thrilling excitement of the future!

What is on your 2024 remote control car wish list? Please share below and create the future together!

If you want to purchase a high-quality remote control car at a more favorable price, shop Rlaarlo today a high-performance remote control car equipped with the new generation technology. A new journey starts now!

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  • Ramon TorresJan 08, 2024

    Love it! How soon can I get it?

  • Stormy CannonJan 08, 2024

    Looks great,saving for this one next purchase,getting better with every new Rc issue terrific job.

  • RonJan 16, 2024

    Bring on the truck! Lol. Your have great products so far. Can’t wait too see what this thing will do next to my Traxxas and Arrma setups !!

  • Gary Jan 08, 2024

    This is better, but we still want bigger.

  • PJJan 08, 2024

    1/7 onroad car would be nice. I bet you all would do great with that.

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